Six things I’ve learned in the first six months of being a mommy!


And just like that she’s 6 months old.  If you’ve been following my blog then you already know how obsessed and in love I am with my baby London.  She’s so beautiful, lovable and squishy.  Now that she’s here, I can’t remember what life was like before her.

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London’s first go at a sippy cup – Chicco NaturalFit​

London just had her 6 month check up! I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing.  The doctor said now is a good time to start introducing her to sippy cups!

We decided to give the Chicco NaturalFit cups a try first.  Their products are BPA, Latex, and PVC free.  The NaturalFit cups are interchangeable with 6 different spout options and 3 cups to choose from.  All spill-free. I feel at ease knowing that my furniture won’t get ruined if and when she drops it.

London had no clue what to do at first. It was a real head scratcher and the most adorable thing ever.  With a little help from mommy and daddy, she was sipping like a champ in no time.  This doesn’t mean that she liked the water (she actually spit it out and her face was priceless haha) but she definitely understood the concept.  Such a smart little baby.

The 360-degree spill-free rim cup trainer allows for liquid to flow out in any direction where pressure is applied.  It has a clear silicone membrane so the baby can see the liquid coming towards them (an important feature when transitioning to a normal cup).

You can purchase Chicco’s NaturalFit trainer cups at Buy Buy Baby.  I linked them all at the bottom of this post for you! Also, scroll down to take a look at London’s review as well :).

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Marriage After Baby – a very vulnerable post

Amanda & Thad Ritz Wedding

First off I would like to say I hit the jack pot when I married Thad (he would say the same about me 😉 LOL).  We have a wonderful marriage and he’s an amazing father. But…a baby changes everything.  I’m writing this because no one really prepared me for marriage after baby.  All we kept hearing was that “a baby changes everything”.  I guess you really don’t know until you go through it. Continue reading “Marriage After Baby – a very vulnerable post”