Get to know me!


Hi that’s me, Amanda!  I go by Amanda but those closest to me call me Mimi (hence MimiSpot).  That dapper young gentleman in the photo with me, he’s my husband.  We’re newly weds and loving every minute of it!

I’ve always been quite the spark plug, very energetic and out going.  At the age of 5 my parents enrolled me in gymnastics to help tire me out.  Little did they know what it would blossom into.  I competed at a high level and trained 40 hours a week, earning an athletic scholarship to the University of Florida! Gymnastics was my world, but I didn’t want it to define me.  I majored in marketing and now have a job selling medical devices.  It has been a great transition for me!  Albeit highly competitive and stressful, it’s a great field to be in.

So why the blog?  

I wanted a spot where I would be able to express myself and share all things I enjoy most like: Love, Lifestyle and Beauty!  I have a passion for life, I couldn’t find just one topic so I decided to write about them all!  Here you can find anything from fitness tips, watching me try to attempt DIY projects, hosting parties and family gatherings, beauty and love.

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