Finding THE ONE

thad n amanda

That’s Thad! My husband!  Truly my soul mate.  We met three years ago in Las Vegas at a work function.  After our first conversation I knew he was the one!  I was. in. love.  Not just ’cause he’s gorgeous.  It’s because he was respectful, successful, smart, and driven…the whole package.  We discussed things like family, kids, work, and life goals.  They all aligned with what I want in my future as well.

Ladies there are so many pigs and losers out there, am I right?  Hold out for the one.  Don’t settle, just because your friends are getting married and having babies doesn’t mean you have to too.  I dated a lot of guys…..I mean a lot.  I had a list of five things that were non-negotiable and if he didn’t meet or exceed them I would move on.  I wasn’t the type to have a boyfriend very long because I didn’t want to waste my time, or his.  I knew the love of my life was out there and I was going to find him. I wasn’t going to be with someone just because “he’s nice to me”.

My 5 non-negotiable list:

  • First and foremost was religion.  I’m a christian woman and my man had to either be a christian as well or respect my beliefs and support me. CHECK
  • Second, he needed to be a family man.  My family is my everything, we spend a lot of time together and I wasn’t going to have someone take me away from them.  I want a big family and I needed the man I was going to marry want the same thing. CHECK
  • Third, career!  He needed to be driven.  I’m very passionate about my own career.  I have goals and work damn hard to achieve them.  So it was important to me that he be career driven as well. That way, we understand each other and push one another to be the best version of ourselves. CHECK
  • Four. Personality, personality, personality.  Did I say personality? He needed to be able to carry a conversation and be personable.  I’m very much an extrovert and I needed someone that was able to be social with me, make me laugh, and love life as much as I do.  BIG CHECK
  • Fifth. Physical attraction.  No I’m not shallow, but I needed someone I was going to be physically attracted to.  Beauty is only skin deep, but that’s why I had the other four things I just listed.  I must say when I roll over every morning I smile.  Thad’s hot ya’ll.  LOL actually he’s an ugly sleeper.  DOUBLE CHECK?

So I encourage you to have a list as well.  But if the guy you’re dating has all of the items checked off and he doesn’t respect you or 100% into the relationship….HE’S NOT THE ONE!  Trust me if he wants to be with you, he will do what ever it takes.  My husband quit his job, sold his house and moved 1,000 miles to be with me.  Don’t settle.  He’s out there.

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