In Honor of National Gymnastics Day

In honor of national gymnastics day here is a little throw back.  I was a competitive gymnast for 17 years.  If you’ve read my About page I give a brief history of my gymnastics days.  

I absolutely loved the sport!  Gymnastics was a love/hate relationship for me. Nothing felt better than working your butt off and then nailing the routine at the competition! (That was the love part) Breaking my nose, tearing my achilles, fracturing my back, a torn labrum in my shoulder, straddling the beam, and missing Nationals by tenths of a point didn’t feel so good. (That was the hate part)

Gymnastics has taught me a lot. Dedication, determination and discipline just to name a few.  It’s a brutal sport and I really didn’t have a “normal” youth because I was always at the gym.  It’s demanding and takes long hours to train for perfection.  (40 hours of training every week.)  When asked if I would change anything if I had the opportunity to go back and have a “normal” childhood…the answer is no.  I had an experience like no other.

The videos below are from my freshman year in college at the SEC Championships.

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