Making Business Trips More Enjoyable

Things to do on business trip

I just recently came back from a business trip.  My territory is rather large (1/4 OF THE STATE!!).  Traveling for work can be fun, but when I get back to my hotel room…not so glam anymore.

Things that can make your trips more enjoyable!

  • Make use of your free time:  Alone time = Spa night!! Whhhhat!?!:  I’ve been dying to do an at home spa night.  While having to care for the house, cook and wanting to spend time with my husband at the end of a long day it can be hard to break away. I decided to bring calming lavender bath salts and a relaxing lavender face mask with me.  It was perfect! (BUT WAIT!….make sure you wipe down that bath tub.  You don’t know who’s hairy butt sat there before yours. GROSS!)   When I checked into my room I immediately ordered room service and some wine! (Much needed glass of wine!)  I prepped the tub, put on my mask and waited for my dinner.  It was so relaxing and I slept like a baby! I was exhausted from traveling all day.
  • Visit near by attractions:  For me this means shopping LoL!  I went to the mall.  It took my mind off of work and missing home. This mall had a Sephora! (Beauty Heaven Headquarters!) I got some really great things.
  • Okay Okay…so you’re not a shopper?  What about catching up on some reading?!?  Bring a good book and dive in.
  • Bring a little something from home.  For example, my husband and I like to diffuse lavender essential oils at night, (can you tell I like lavender?!?) so I brought some pillow mist to remind me of home.  You can also bring some photos of loved ones.  I like looking at a familiar face, don’t you?

The week flew by.  I got a lot of great things done with work and I really enjoyed my me time after hours.

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