In a Rut? Tips on Getting Motivated to Workout


Let’s face it.  It can be hard staying motivated to workout.  Life gets in the way, we’re tired, and we put it off until tomorrow.  Or “I’ll start Monday” and then Tuesday comes around and you’re back where you started (Guilty, guilty annnd guilty!).   Here are some things that I find help me when I’m in a workout slump.

  1. Start. out. slow. 

If I haven’t worked out in a little while I like to start off slow.  For example, if you’re a member of a gym, chances are they probably have about 5 to 6 (or even more) different cardio machines.  Do you get bored just running on a treadmill and much rather be outside?  Yeah…me too.  I live in the city and feel much more comfortable running at the gym. To pass the time quickly I like to split things up. 10 minutes on each of the following machines: the bike (Level 3), stair master (Level 85-90), the elliptical (Level 3-5), treadmill (Speed 6.5), and the treadmill on an incline (15% incline & 3.7 speed).  Breaking it up makes the time go by so much faster! BOOM! 50 minutes of cardio done!

2. Find a workout partner

This always helps get my butt in the gym.  Agree on a time and place and hold each other accountable.  Discuss beforehand what the workout plan is and encourage each other during the exercises.  Maybe make a plan for after the workout to “reward yourselves”.  A little girl time and catching up at Starbucks, perhaps?

3. Create an awesome playlist

Create a playlist of songs with different types of tempos.  Quicker upbeat tempos for higher intensity training and slower tempos for lower intensity workouts.

* Currently listening to  “Workout Anthems- Dance” station on iTunes radio. Love it!

4. Get yourself some cute new workout gear

I always feel great in something new.  It doesn’t have to be anything pricey either.  TJMaxx, Marshalls and Target all have awesome finds. Nothing like a new outfit to put a pep in your step!

Until next time!



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