Transform Your Living Space

This is something I’m excited to post about because I’m extremely happy with the results! My husband and I live in a tiny two bedroom/one bath bungalow built in 1949. 780 sq. ft. to be exact! When I told Thad I found an affordable place where we could start our lives together he was ecstatic! You should have seen the look on his face when I brought him to take a look at the house.  He thought it was a joke. At first glance, it looked like a dump.  The yard was overgrown, window screens broken, the bathroom tub was filthy and the living room walls were painted the darkest
brown I have ever seen!

I had a vision.  The house has good bones.  It has nice bamboo flooring and an open floor plan that makes it feel larger for how small it is.  Also, the yard is huge!  All it needed was a little tlc.

We are renters and do not own our home.  Some money did come out of our pocket but the landlord lowered our first months rent because of the work we put into it.

 Two things we did that made a BIG difference:

  1. Pruning the yard.  When I moved into this house you couldn’t even see the front door from the curb.  The bushes were dry and growing wild.  We cut back all the trees.  When spring and summer came around they all grew back looking so healthy.  It’s amazing what a little pruning, flowers and mulch can do! One task tackled.

before n after 2

2. Paint.  Paint does wonders ya’ll!  It can really transform a room.  I like to stick to more neutral tones and bring in color with my decor.  Our living room was a really dark poop brown.  It made the house gloomy and feel much smaller than it already is.

brown livingroom before


IMG_3300 IMG_3299


We have really grown to love our little space.  Yes it’s tiny, but it’s our home and we’ve made the best of it!  I hope you enjoyed the before and after pictures!  Most everything you see in the living room was purchased from HomeGoods!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time!



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