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Amanda & Thad Ritz Wedding

Thad and I have been waiting a long time to share our wedding video with you!!  We just watched the entire video for the first time yesterday at the Enzian Theatre here in Central Florida.  Well well well…let me tell you what an experience that was!! I have always wondered what it would look like to see myself on the silver screen, haha! just kidding, no but really…on a more serious note it was the perfect way to relive that magical day!  Our videographer, Jeffrey Stoner is the best in the business!  Let me tell you why.  Jeffrey is not only great at what he does, but him and his wife Lisa Stoner (an amazing wedding planner herself!) are wonderful people all around.  What I loved about Jeffrey’s work is his attention to detail.  I don’t know how he does it, but he was able to capture every moment, every detail, and the reactions of our loved ones that we were not able to see ourselves.  

With so many things going on on the day of the wedding it’s difficult to capture and remember every single detail.  As brides, we have been planning and thinking of our wedding day since we were little girls.  When I used to play “wedding” with my barbie dolls, I would pretend that it was me walking down the aisle.  I would day dream of what my gown would look like, what my bouquet would smell like, the reaction on my grooms face when he sees me for the first time, and imagine a beautiful reception with all of our loved ones there to witness in our joyous commitment to one another.  So planning our weddings goes back so much further than the few months leading up to the big day.  We have been planning THIS DAY for our entire lives!   Watching the video makes us feel as if we were there all over again and something we can look back on many years from now.  Jeffrey’s work is beautiful.  We highly recommend him for anyone looking for a wedding videographer.  If you’re debating if a video of your wedding is worth it…it definitely is.

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