New Year’s Resolution – How to follow through

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Rock hard abs!  Ha…this is my resolution every year.  I start January second and a couple of days later I’m already craving that glass of wine. (FAIL)  I love the idea of a New Year’s resolution.  It’s an opportunity to start fresh.  New year, new you, new outlook.  But, how do we stay true to what we want to better in ourselves or change?

“This year I’m going to stick to my health plan”.  I say this to myself every frekin’ year!  The only thing that holds me back is….well, life.  There’s always an excuse to splurge or celebrate a special occasion.  So how do we stick to our resolutions?  Here are a few tips I hope help you!

  1. What really makes you happy?  Take a moment to think about what makes you happy.  Honestly, think about it.  What do you really want?  (Something that is attainable of course)  Do you really want rock hard abs or do you want to feel healthier?  Do you want to have a better work/life balance?  Do you want to travel more?  What about enjoying the little moments?  Make your goal something attainable, make it something true to you.
  2. What if it’s a longterm goal? There’s no shame in having a longterm goal that can take more than just a year to obtain.  Instead of overwhelming yourself with how large of a goal it actually is, break it down into smaller attainable actions.  Baby steps.  Do you want to work on your relationship and rekindle that spark? Do you want to break a nasty habit, for example smoking?  What about making a certain amount of money by the time you’re the age of fill in the blank?  Tackle it one step at a time.
  3. Tell the world! That’s right! Tell everyone what your resolution is.  Post it on social media, write it down and put it somewhere so it’ll stare at you in the face everyday.  Putting your goal out in the Universe for everyone to know will make you more accountable for your actions and make you want to work harder towards achievement.
  4. Use the buddy system.  This is one of my favorites.  If there is something I want to do, but I know I will eventually slack, I have either of my best friends or my husband hold me accountable and almost force me to keep on going.  I get it, it’s hard to stay motivated at times and that is why I think having someone who can motivate you and help keep you on track goes a long way.

These are just some simple ways that help me obtain my resolutions and goals.  Like I said, I love New Years because it’s a fresh start!  I think it’s important to always set goals so we can continue to grow and become better versions of ourselves!!!!

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