Six Skin Care Products You Should be Using Before You Turn 30


“MOM!! what is this line on my forehead!? I swear it wasn’t there yesterday!!!” – (Me on the phone with my mom analyzing my skin in the mirror.)   My 20s are coming to a screeching halt! Where the hell does the time go?  I’ve had a great run in my 20s but in my 30’s I want to be able to say, “Thank you Amanda, I’m so glad you did that!”  I’m talking about anti-aging skin care.  As I approach my thirties I’m starting to notice lines on my face I have never seen before and I want to start getting in the habit of taking care of my skin.  Beauty is only skin deep….but your face is the first thing people see!  Yes I know that sounds shallow, but it makes me feel good when I look good.  It gives me a boost of confidence when I think my makeup looks pretty or when I get a facial and my skin is glowing!  Did you know that the damage you do to your skin in your 20s is going to show up in your 30s, 40s, and 50s?!  Start your skin care NOW ladies!  Starting these products now can have a greater impact on your skin later on in life.  The good news is…it’s not too late!

Listed below are the products we should be using!

  1. Cleanser – a.m. & p.m.-  You might be thinking, “That’s a no brainer Amanda.” Well, a lot of cleansers these days can be harsh,  irritating  and strip the skin of it’s natural oils (which is called the skin barrier, the protection needed to fight different types of threats to our well being).  All the more reason to be using a gentle cleanser.
  2. Exfoliator – twice a week- The body is constantly producing new skin cells everyday.  As we get older, this process tends to slow down.  Using a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week will help slough off the dead skin and help promote/force new skin cells to form.
  3. Vitamin C Serum – apply a.m. after your cleansed skin – Vitamin C is an antioxidant and protects against free radicals.  Aka, all the pollution in the air, dirt, grime, and sun damage that we come in contact with everyday.  These pollutants attack healthy skin cells and slow down the process of your body’s natural ability to produce healthy new cells.  Vitamin C also brightens the skin and keeps it looking younger longer!
  4. Moisturizer – a.m. with an SPF / p.m. no SPF – Dry/dehydrated skin looks dull and tired.  The fine lines in your skin are more visible and can have lasting effects…the fine lines ain’t so fine after some time.  Moisturizing day and night will keep your skin looking fresh, hydrated and plump!
  5. Sunscreen –  a.m. only – The sun can make us feel good and can make us look good…for the time being.  Unfortunately the sun is the #1 cause for aging skin.  It breaks down the collagen and elasticity (the protein that keeps our skin supple and tight).  It’s not worth it in the long run for the sagging & wrinkly skin it leaves behind.  The sun also causes skin cancer and age spots.  Anything SPF 30 and above is recommended to help protect against harmful UVA (aging) & UVB (burning) rays.  To help prevent further damage, make it a daily habit to apply sunscreen of an SPF of 30 or more, and don’t be fooled if its a cloudy day, the sun’s rays are just as damaging.
  6. Retinol Complex – p.m. after serum  & before moisturizer – Retinol enhances exfoliation and promotes new skin cells to form.  It is derived from Vitamin A and helps skin produce collagen.  Since retinol promotes cell turnover it also helps with discoloration and texture in the skin.  Slowly starting this regimen now, will give you a big jump start on the anti-aging band wagon.  Begin using a retinol cream once or twice a week in the beginning and slowly build up to applying it every other night.  Retinol can cause redness and your skin to peel (this is normal), it is recommended you use it only at night.   Consult your skin care professional for the proper treatment plan that is right for you.

The six products I listed are great to start getting in the habit of using on a daily basis.  Think of them like eating a well balanced diet.  Not just one of them does the trick! They are great in unison and work off one another! Continue reading to see the products I use on a daily basis. (Everything but La Roche-Posay pictured above.)


Thanks so much my loves and I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!  Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions! I’d love to hear what type of products you are using and why!

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