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Hey MimiSpotters!  I have definitely been MIA but I have not forgotten about you.  My goal is to start incorporating more lifestyle into MimiSpot.  I wanted to start off with a life update.  And boy…do I have so much to catch you up on!!

In December of 2015 I started a new job.  After 4 months of intense interviewing I finally received the call “Amanda, how would you like to come on board??”  My heart started racing, so many emotions were happening all at once.  “I thought you’d never ask”, I replied. The company I’m working for is a highly reputable medical device company and I cannot wait to see where it will take my career. I fought so hard for this position.  I wasn’t going to let them tell me no.  There was no reason for them not to hire me.  I was qualified, I went above and beyond the normal interview protocols and I wanted it bad.  I thank my background in gymnastics for my tenacity and passion (it definitely gave me the foundation to put up a good fight).

Well….with the high profile job comes intense training.  I was gone most of January through April (weeks at a time) in California.  When I say intense…I mean, I could easily compare it to two-a-days in gymnastics.  The nerves I felt going into testing were very similar to those right before I would mount the beam in competition.  I thought I would never feel those jitters again.  That’s how I knew I was at the right place.  Why was I so nervous you ask?  There was just so much information to learn and too little time.  Honestly, I have never studied so much in my life.  If I would have studied like that in college I would’ve gotten straight A’s!  You see, if you do not pass with a 90% or higher you are at risk of being let go or being sent home and have to go back to training all over again.  My company is based in the Bay Area, just 45 minutes outside of San Francisco.  Although it sounds like a fun place to be, we did not get much free time…at all.  Being a newly wed and away for so long was tough.  There were nights I would cry falling asleep, I was so exhausted, I missed my husband and my family.  Thankfully, I was blessed with a great roommate which made it a lot easier.  Our girl chats and wine nights are probably what kept me sane.

Thad, also started a new job!  I’m not sure if you remember but, Thad and I were in a dark place when it came to jobs right after we got married.  Literally we were living on love.  It can always be worse, but it felt like we had hit rock bottom with our careers.  We were stressed but so in love and happy to be married.  I would call my mom crying because I could not understand how two hard workers could be in such a position.  Questioning my faith, she would always remind me…”Amanda, God has a plan, he will never lead you a stray, enjoy these newly wed moments and your 700 sq. ft. home because these are the days you’re going to remember for a life time.”  So putting my doubts and fears aside I prayed for God to take over, I let Him into my heart and put Him at the center of our marriage.  From that day forward I felt more alive than I ever have and all the pieces just began to fall into place………

To be continued.

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  1. awesome Amanda welcome to the family of God. thank you for the update I really appreciate that. Love you

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