How we found out we were pregnant and what to do next after taking a positive test.

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(Our story on how we found out)

To give you a little background, I have had an irregular menstrual cycle for a number of years.  I blame it on my previous life of gymnastics.  High stress, intense workouts, and low body fat.  When Thad and I got married I was so worried that it would be hard for us to conceive.  So on my yearly check-up I raised my concerns to my doctor.  She did a number of blood tests and they all came back normal.  For some reason (she didn’t even know why) but I was not ovulating.  She was positive we would be able to conceive when we were ready.  In the mean time she asked that I stay off birth control and find alternate ways of bc so my body could regulate itself.

Anyway, back to how we found out!  I noticed my breasts were sore the entire week leading up to the big surprise.  I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought I was about to get my period.  I also would get home from work and could barely keep my eyes open. I thought I was just exhausted from working all day.  Well, that weekend I decided to take a home pregnancy test. Three short minutes later and the test turned out to be positive.  I yelled across the house and Thad came sprinting over!  “Look, look…it says we’re pregnant”, I exclaimed with joy.  Thad took the pregnancy test from my hands and said,  “Let me see that, are you sure??”…and there it was, two little pink lines staring at us.  We kissed and hugged each other in our tiny bathroom (seriously it’s the size of a small coat closet) for what felt like 30 minutes.  We were so excited.  After we found out, we went out to breakfast and then to the drugstore and bought three boxes of pregnancy tests just to make sure.  They were all different brands of course, lol!  That afternoon I took 2 more tests…all positive.

Monday morning I called the doctor.  They told me I had to wait until I was EIGHT weeks pregnant to see the doctor.  SAY WHAT?!? Did you not hear me correctly?? I saaaaid I think I’m pregnant and need to make an appointment. The doctors office further explained to me they typically wait that long to make sure they can see the baby in the ultrasound.  Well, I wasn’t having any of that.  I asked if they could reach out to my doctor because I had irregular periods and didn’t know how far along I was. They booked the appointment right away.

Thad came with me to the doctor to get my blood work done.  The woman taking my blood asked if I had gotten a positive pregnancy test. “Girrrl, I’ve had five”, I responded.  The blood test came back positive the next day.  I was about five and half weeks pregnant. It was official.  So many emotions rushed through my mind.  Excitement, joy, relief, and fear.  Waiting those three weeks for the ultrasound check up was the longest three weeks of my life!

It finally was time for that appointment.  Nervous and excited….there it was, our little peanut, with the strongest heart beat.  It was so tiny. Just a little spec, our baby.  We fell in love immediately.

Now the next 4 weeks until our next appointment felt like a lifetime as well.  Making it to that 12th week puts your risk for a miscarriage dramatically lower.

To stay connected with baby I downloaded the app “What to expect when you’re expecting”.  It has been so helpful for me!


(What to do next after taking a positive test)

You took an at home pregnancy test and 2 lines just popped up!  You’re pregnant! Yay!! Or at least the pee stick says so lol.

Okay, sooo now what?!  Call your doctor as soon as you can.  They will ask you when the first day of your last period was and typically count eight weeks out to book your first appointment. Oh girl, trust me…I know.  Those weeks leading up to your appointment seem like years!  Typically they wait until eight weeks just to make sure they can see the baby in the ultrasound to confirm you’re pregnant.

In the weeks leading up to your appointment make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids, getting plenty of rest and stop the alcohol.  Do a quick Google search to see what types of foods to avoid as well.

Congratulations MOMMY, you’re in for an amazing ride!

Let’s chat! If you have any questions or dying to talk to someone about your pregnancy I’m all ears and can hopefully relate through my own experience.  Leave a comment below or email me at

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