My First Trimester Experience

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*Disclaimer: Things in this blog are from my own personal experience.  Every pregnancy is different.  I love this baby girl so much and would do anything for her.  By no means am I complaining.  No fluff here, I want to be honest with you and share true events.  If I sugar coat things how is that going to help or make you feel better?

Week 5.

During this time I found out via at home pregnancy test and blood work confirmation that we were indeed pregnant.   My symptoms were mild.  My breasts were super tender (more than when aunt flow comes to visit).  I was also super exhausted.  After work I would come home and crash.  Around this time I started going to bed around 9:30pm.

Weeks 6 – 7.

Not much changed from week 5.  I was getting more tired and taking naps during the weekends. I was exhausted from a long week’s worth of work.  Food cravings started kicking in.  It wasn’t anything cray, but the baby wanted soup, Cuban food and pasta.  I was turned off by anything sweet (yuck!) and craved salty foods.  I thought that I was in the clear when it came to morning sickness. I really hadn’t experienced any nausea at this point.

Week 8.

BOOM! Hello nausea!  I don’t know why it’s called morning sickness when that sh*t lasted all day.  There were times I would wake up to go to work and ran to the bathroom.  Other times I was fine until mid-day.  One day I had to make a pit stop at a local Panera and go running to the bathroom (in this particular situation by the time I made it to the bathroom my nausea!?).   I was still super tired after work and my breasts were killing me!!!  Something as simple as a hug hurt sooo bad!  My boobies were noticeably bigger by this point.

Week 9.

Nausea was still there.  Going to work everyday and pretending like nothing’s wrong is hard work in itself!  By this time I started learning how to help lessen my nausea symptoms.  Let me tell you what, by no means was any of this a cure but merely just a bandaid.  I purchased ginger candies to keep in my purse. I also carried saltein crackers with me and would stuff my face with them driving in between accounts.  I made sure to always have a snack with me and tried to never let myself feel hungry.  Once I felt hungry there was no turning back.  Making sure to stay hydrated helps as well.  I stuck with bland foods. There were nights I could only eat plain white rice or mornings my husband had to bring me dry toast in bed (because I could’t get out of bed).  I also purchased ginger and peppermint tea.   Don’t get me wrong.  In the midst of feeling sick were times or days I felt just fine.  Sometimes it’s like a sneak attack and all of a sudden you feel like crapola.  I lost some weight due to all of this.  My boobs still hurt like hell and I was still very tired.

Week 10.

DOOMS day!  I got smacked with a cold!  Now this is the only time I have EVER and I mean EVER called out sick from work. ( Raised a gymnast, being sick was seen as a weakness believe it or not.  So it’s just drilled in me to fight through it.) When you’re pregnant you can’t take a lot of medication. I was only able to take Robitussin. The only problem, my stomach was not agreeing with it.  I had such a bad cough and a fever that I couldn’t get out of bed one day. (The day I called in sick)  My cold was starting to turn into bronchitis. I was prescribed an inhaler!  It lasted a week long, but felt so much longer.  Mad props to my husband throughout the first trimester!  This experience has brought us so much closer together.  He made runs in the middle of the night to get medicine, water and food.  He cooked dinner and made sure the house was tidy.  I felt so terrible because my cough was so bad and keeping him up in the middle of the night. He made sure I had a bucket next to our bed for me to puke in.

Weeks 11 – 14

Light at the end of the tunnel.  By this point nausea would come and go.  I started to feel as though I had a little more energy.  Often times, when I felt like I had energy, I would use it all up in one day and be drained the following.


My first trimester had its ups and downs.  There were days I would call my mom crying because I just wanted to feel better.  I would tell her how guilty I felt for even thinking that way, that it was a blessing to be pregnant.  Your hormones do some crazy things!  It’s ok and you’re not alone.  Yes, women get pregnant and have babies every day.  But no one said it was easy.  Stay strong because there’s a precious miracle at the end of the road that will soon call you mommy.

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