Second Trimester Update


Not going to lie, pretty emotional today.  So many emotions going through my mind.  I’m so excited but also a little nervous.  Are we ready? Will we have everything done in time?  Should I start looking into birthing classes? Her nursery is nowhere near done! We need to find a pediatrician.  Is there anything else we need to add to the registry? Oh man, I need to get addresses for the baby shower!….The list goes on and on!!  Literally though, I have a list.  I’ll share it with you guys and then you can tell me if I’m just being a normal prego or if I’m really cray cray! haha

I haven’t been sleeping because carpal tunnel is killing my arms.  I have a numbness and burning  sensation that wakes me up and constantly having to reposition.  I’ve found sleeping sitting up is the only way the pain will go away.  My poor husband doesn’t sleep either.  Is this God’s way of prepping us for what’s to come? Also, as I approach my third trimester, sleeping on my back is becoming more difficult.  I don’t have a body pillow yet so I take every pillow we own and surround myself with them for support. (Sorry Thad! It’s only temporary.)

Don’t get me wrong, the second trimester has been a dream compared to my first.  A lot more energy that’s for sure!  The bump, omg the bump! It’s so cute!  Feeling her kick, roll and squirm have all got to be the best feelings in the world!  To see Thad’s reaction when he felt her for the first time melted my heart!  He’s going to be such a great daddy.  He talks to her all the time! He tells her how much he loves her and that he can’t wait to meet her.  He kisses my belly and shares with me how excited he is to be a dad.  My entire family is so excited too!  They all love to feel her kick!  We’ll all be together and next thing I know everyone has their hand on my belly!  She’s not even here yet and all we do is talk about her!  She has no idea how loved she is…


We only had one scare. Baby girl had an irregular heart beat at week 26 and we had to go see a high risk doctor to make sure everything was ok!  Prayers were answered and she is perfectly healthy!

All in all, the second trimester has been wonderful!  Bring it on third trimester…we’re ready for you!


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2 thoughts on “Second Trimester Update

  1. You will be FINE! You’re beautiful and you come from a family of “mothers” who will guide you every step of the way! Talk to your cousin Alani. She’s learning something new day by day. And you don’t plan shower, silly girl, someone else does!! I love you, Amanda. ❤️

  2. Amanda, I too had carpal tunnel with Branson. I was miserable! So, I know what you’re going through! The good news is it went away the minute I delivered him. The bad news is I was told it would come back with my next pregnancy. So, when Branson was 1 yr old I had surgery on both hands. It never came back! In the meantime my dr made splints for my hands so I wouldn’t bend my wrists. It helped a little. I too had to sleep in a recliner chair. I was SO swollen which is what caused the carpel tunnel. Good luck with everything!

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