Third Trimester Update



Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing fantastic! As for me…well I thought I’d be holding and kissing my daughter by now.  I have reached the 40 week mark and still no signs of labor.  Everything is perfectly healthy.  Her heart rate is perfect at 135 and she’s moving like crazy.  I didn’t think it was possible to get any bigger but she keeps on growing!  My doctor is as sweet as can be and says that it’s normal for my first baby to be this stubborn. As long as she’s healthy, that’s all that matters to me.

My third trimester has had its ups and downs.  More ups than downs I would say.  Or maybe I’m just used to being pregnant and the sleep deprivation.  My carpal tunnel is not as bad as it was in my second trimester.  Thank goodness that’s subsided a bit.  I’ve gained a total of 33 pounds and have never sweat so much in my life haha.  I’m retaining a lot of water and eager to see my ankles once again, also to be able to wear my wedding bands.  My husband’s wedding band is a size nine and embarrassed to say the ring freggin fits me….smh.

Let’s talk about the downs.  I honestly can’t complain too much.   I’m to the point where I’m not scared of labor anymore and I just want her here.  I’ve had many restless nights with Braxton Hicks and feeling as if the baby is going to just fall out of my hooha.  Don’t get me wrong, please.  I love being pregnant and it’s a wonderful miracle that The Lord has blessed me with…but it aint always easy.  I’ve probably only had three emotional/hormonal breakdowns my entire pregnancy.

I’m very blessed to have such a strong support system around me.  My husband continues to amaze me. He has put up with my crankiness, gassiness, and having to help me get dressed or put on my shoes.  He cooks, cleans and massages my feet every night!  What a God send that man is.  His momma raised him right.  Listening to him talk about how excited he is to be a father melts my heart.  I’m also very thankful for my family.  Especially my mom…but I cant forget to mention my father who continues to work very hard to allow her to be there for me.  My parents are so excited it’s adorable.  Because I’m still working my mother meal preps for Thad and I.  It is so easy to pop a delicious home cooked meal in the microwave and not have to think about what’s for dinner.  She comes over about once a week and helps with a load of laundry.  Anything to make our lives easier she has thought of.  Thank goodness for mommies.  I could write an entire novel about how supportive and loving our family and friends have been.  This baby doesn’t know how lucky she has it.

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward” – Psalm 127:3

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