She’s here!


“Okay, you got it?!” the nurse asked me. I responded with a blank stare, “uh huh”.  She had just spoken to Thad and I for about an hour on what to expect and instructions on caring for a newborn.  Little did she know I barely heard one word she said.  Thank goodness Thad was paying attention.  Overwhelmed, exhausted, happy, scared, and excited…I had never felt so many things at once in my life.  As they wheeled me out of the hospital all I could think to myself was, “they’re actually letting us go home with a baby?” “they do know we’ve never done this before right?!”  I was petrified, but boy was I so in love!



Baby London arrived on 1/25/2017.  Exactly one week past her due date.  I remember staring at her in the hospital in complete awe.  I cried (happy tears…still do) about how perfect she is.

London has ten little toes, and ten little fingers.  She has the most gorgeous lips and the cutest little button nose.  Don’t even get me started on those baby blue eyes.  I am her mommy and she is my daughter.  Nothing in this world will ever change that!  You read about it in the books and you hear other mothers explaining how this “love” is different and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt.  Well, honestly there truly aren’t any words to describe it.  She has come into this world and changed our lives forever.


I will admit it hasn’t been easy. But when she wraps her little hand around my finger, sighs the cutest sigh or curls up and falls asleep on my chest…it makes it all worth while.  I want her to stay this little forever.  I now know my purpose.




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  1. You’re the mommy right? Well being the grandmother has got to be 10 times x more than what you just said. Just you wait and see. I found my purpose 31 years ago…..29 years ago…. 25 years ago…. awww really, 6 weeks ago🙏🏼 I can’t even imagine.
    Family above All

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