Six things I’ve learned in the first six months of being a mommy!


And just like that she’s 6 months old.  If you’ve been following my blog then you already know how obsessed and in love I am with my baby London.  She’s so beautiful, lovable and squishy.  Now that she’s here, I can’t remember what life was like before her.

I’ve learned so many things as a new mommy: Here are my top 6!

  1. P A T I E N C E.  Learning patience started long before London arrived.  I used to try and control every aspect of my life.  Career, diet, routine, etc.  When I found out I was pregnant, that all went down the drain.  I had to let go and let God. I really let my faith do the driving.  London was a week late. Waiting for her was like watching and waiting for water to boil.  Remember my post on marriage after baby? (If you missed it you can read about it here).  Having a baby taught me patience with my marriage.  We’re on the same team and have learned to push through together.  Being patient with London and her needs have not been that difficult for me.  I’m not saying some days aren’t harder than others.  What I’m saying is that I love her so much that I do it willingly.  Overall, I thought I was going to need to be patient with London.  It turns out, I needed to learn to be patient with myself.IMG_9020
  2. S A C R I F I C E. My entire life I have made sacrifices.  I was an athlete for 17 years and did not have a normal childhood growing up.  I had to go to practice while every other teenager was hanging out at the mall or going to parties. Having a baby is quite different!  It takes sacrifice to a whole different level!  I could honestly write an entire post on sacrifice. I haven’t gotten my hair cut in 6 months, I rarely do my nails and I haven’t worked out in forever!!! I’m either working or home with London.  This will eventually have to change.  I need me time to survive.  But right now she needs me more.
  3. O R G A N I Z A T I O N.  Nope, can’t just pick up and go anymore.  I’m a fly by my seat type of gal.  (Except for work, I’m super structured with work).  For example, I can wake up on the weekend and decide right then and there what I’d like to do for the day.  With London there’s so much planning involved.  We strategically plan everything now! HAHA, I’m the mom with the dry erase board in the kitchen!IMG_9019
  4. T I M E   M A N A G E M E N T. aka work/life balance.  This ties in with organization, but I thought it deserved a bullet point of its own.  I used to be married to work.  (I don’t report to an office so it’s very easy for me to bring work home.)  Now that London is here, the hours in my day are numbered.  This has actually increased my productivity during work hours because I know I won’t have the extra time at home.  Definitely, makes me more efficient during the day.  I promised myself that when I’m at work, I will be at work.  When I’m home, I’m home.  This has helped so much!
  5. A P P R E C I A T I O N  FOR MY PARENTS.  Immediately I had a stronger connection with my mother. During my entire pregnancy, I would give praise to her.  “How did you have three children?” “How did you lose all the weight?” “How did you manage time?” How are you still sain?!”…The list goes on and on.  Now that I’m actually a parent I have a different connection with my father.  I full heartedly understand the love he has for us now.  I continually apologize for any headaches I caused.  The love, the worry, the sacrifice, and did I say love?  I get it now.IMG_9021
  6. A W A R E N E S S: Stranger danger, dirt, germs, etc.  I’m on high alert.  I know she’s my first and it will get better with my second, but man o’ man.  I never thought so much about all these little details!
  7. I know I said 6 things in 6 months.  But I want to include this as well.  I’ve learned that I, in fact, want more children. What ever hell I went through during my pregnancy and delivery.  What ever worry or lack of sleep I endure.  I will do it again and again for my children.  This love is infectious!IMG_9022


Let’s connect! I want to hear your stories! Things you’ve learned as a parent! Please share!!!

Until Next Time!



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