Marriage After Baby – a very vulnerable post

Amanda & Thad Ritz Wedding

First off I would like to say I hit the jack pot when I married Thad (he would say the same about me 😉 LOL).  We have a wonderful marriage and he’s an amazing father. But…a baby changes everything.  I’m writing this because no one really prepared me for marriage after baby.  All we kept hearing was that “a baby changes everything”.  I guess you really don’t know until you go through it. Continue reading “Marriage After Baby – a very vulnerable post”

Eat in Kitchen Nook


Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share today’s post! We recently moved into a new home…(well, I say recently because it feels like yesterday lol…but it was almost a year ago!!)  We moved from a very tiny bungalow into our forever home.  Needless to say, we didn’t move in with much furniture.  What we did have we sold because we wanted to start fresh.  Little by little, room by room, we’re furnishing our home.  Our kitchen is the first space we tackled. It’s where we tend to hangout the most. Continue reading “Eat in Kitchen Nook”