Flirty Off the Shoulder Look

Flirty Off the Shoulder Look


IMG_1246.jpgWhen Thad asked if I wanted to go out on a date night! I said “heck yes!”…”but first I gotta get me a cute outfit tho!”  You can never go wrong with a little sexy off the shoulder look.  I’ve listed some of my favorites for you to shop. I’m wearing my favorite sculpt jeans that you can shop here and a similar handbag you can find here.  I hope you love the looks I’ve picked for you!

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Six things I’ve learned in the first six months of being a mommy!

Six things I’ve learned in the first six months of being a mommy!


And just like that she’s 6 months old.  If you’ve been following my blog then you already know how obsessed and in love I am with my baby London.  She’s so beautiful, lovable and squishy.  Now that she’s here, I can’t remember what life was like before her.

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London’s first go at a sippy cup – Chicco NaturalFit​

London just had her 6 month check up! I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing.  The doctor said now is a good time to start introducing her to sippy cups!

We decided to give the Chicco NaturalFit cups a try first.  Their products are BPA, Latex, and PVC free.  The NaturalFit cups are interchangeable with 6 different spout options and 3 cups to choose from.  All spill-free. I feel at ease knowing that my furniture won’t get ruined if and when she drops it.

London had no clue what to do at first. It was a real head scratcher and the most adorable thing ever.  With a little help from mommy and daddy, she was sipping like a champ in no time.  This doesn’t mean that she liked the water (she actually spit it out and her face was priceless haha) but she definitely understood the concept.  Such a smart little baby.

The 360-degree spill-free rim cup trainer allows for liquid to flow out in any direction where pressure is applied.  It has a clear silicone membrane so the baby can see the liquid coming towards them (an important feature when transitioning to a normal cup).

You can purchase Chicco’s NaturalFit trainer cups at Buy Buy Baby.  I linked them all at the bottom of this post for you! Also, scroll down to take a look at London’s review as well :).

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