She’s here!


“Okay, you got it?!” the nurse asked me. I responded with a blank stare, “uh huh”.  She had just spoken to Thad and I for about an hour on what to expect and instructions on caring for a newborn.  Little did she know I barely heard one word she said.  Thank goodness Thad was paying attention.  Overwhelmed, exhausted, happy, scared, and excited…I had never felt so many things at once in my life. Continue reading “She’s here!”

Third Trimester Update



Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing fantastic! As for me…well I thought I’d be holding and kissing my daughter by now.  I have reached the 40 week mark and still no signs of labor.  Everything is perfectly healthy.  Her heart rate is perfect at 135 and she’s moving like crazy.  I didn’t think it was possible to get any bigger but she keeps on growing!  My doctor is as sweet as can be and says that it’s normal for my first baby to be this stubborn. As long as she’s healthy, that’s all that matters to me. Continue reading “Third Trimester Update”

Second Trimester Update


Not going to lie, pretty emotional today.  So many emotions going through my mind.  I’m so excited but also a little nervous.  Are we ready? Will we have everything done in time?  Should I start looking into birthing classes? Her nursery is nowhere near done! We need to find a pediatrician.  Is there anything else we need to add to the registry? Oh man, I need to get addresses for the baby shower!….The list goes on and on!!  Literally though, I have a list.  I’ll share it with you guys and then you can tell me if I’m just being a normal prego or if I’m really cray cray! haha Continue reading “Second Trimester Update”