My First Mother’s Day!

Today was my very first Mother’s Day! What a special day it was with matching outfits and all!  Thad made breakfast, London made me a very special gift, then we met up for a late lunch with the entire family!  Scroll through to enjoy some of our family photos.  Click the links below and shop our outfits!

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Mother’s Day

Shop my dress, Shop my mom’s dress

I’ve always imagined what it would be like to be a mother.  What would my children look like?  How many would I have? What would their names be? What kind of mommy would I be?  I remember playing with my dolls and caring for them just as my mother cared for us.  I would even pretend breastfeed my dollies because that’s how my mom fed my baby brother Blake.  My entire life I have been gearing up to be a mom. Continue reading “Mother’s Day”